10 Signs for Transmission Replacement

Being in possession of a vehicle is one of the greatest luxuries that can also considered a necessity. The necessity of it all is to be able to get around town either run errands or work for those errands. The luxury is that you get to pick the option for your pocket and lifestyle. With a good vehicle comes high maintenance. From oil changing maintenance, to the proper tune ups, any of these services can be costly and an inconvenience.

Maintaining your transmission has to be one of the most imperative things about owning a vehicle. And when the time comes, you will know, but if you don’t, here are 10 signs you should invest in a new transmission.

  1. Check Engine Light. Logically, when the check engine light comes on, it means something needs to be serviced, immediately.
  2. Burning Smell. The burning smell of a clutch is very distinct. Once you get a whiff of that smell, a) you never forget it, and b) “panic mode” will kick in, making you question if it is your car or not.
  3. Leaking fluid. If you pull out of your driveway and see a puddle that is not water, please check it. If you don’t have an idea how to check, you can consult your owner’s manual for a map of your engine bay or contact us.
  4. You will be able to tell the grinding of your gears. It is an unbearable sound that can cause a little bit of a shake. You will definitely be able to tell when your gears are grinding.
  5. Lack of response. This is one that will tell you that your transmission may need a transplant pretty soon. Lack of response is one of the most embarrassing things that can happen while you are on the road. It will not only slow you down, but slow down your take off, causing some sort of road rage.
  6. Slipping gears. When your gears begin to slip, your car can go from the current gear that the transmission is needing for that current speed and then drop, causing a monstrous whirring that will make is sound like the car is trying harder to move forward.
  7. Not changing gears. At this point, you’re going to need a new transmission STAT. When your car stops changing gears, your car begins to put a strain on the lowest clutch gear, and like the grinding of the gears above, you will be able to tell it is time for a change.
  8. Dragging clutch. A dragging clutch is sort of a combination of a slipping clutch with lagging response time. Your car will slow down at this point, A LOT.
  9. Noisy in neutral. One of the beautiful things about a car in neutral is that is just sits there. No motion forward or backward allows for the car to just rest in one spot. When it begins to make noise while you’re sitting in one spot, then you’ve exhausted the clutch to the point where it may not even exist in your transmission casing.
  10. Whining, and humming. Much like it being noisy in now your car may sound like a lawn mower. In this current state, not only has your transmission died, it is beginning to affect your engine. It is time for a change.

Following these tips will hopefully allow for a better experience with your vehicle and better preparedness for the future. At Transmission Problems Charlotte, we are here to assist you with your needs. Come check us out!

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