3 Tips For Finding The Best Transmission Mechanic

When finding a transmission mechanic it is important to find someone who you can trust to do the best job at a reasonable price. As a smart consumer it is all about finding the best offers for top quality services. So research repair shops long before your transmissions even begin to show signs of failure, look for ways to save money, and look for free offerings.

Research Shops

Talk to friends and family, people you trust in the area, about their mechanics and what kinds of services they offer. See if they are satisfied with the work being done to their vehicles and how often they need to go back in for a checkup. Sometimes transmission shops will offer prices for repairs at considerably lower prices to other shops so be wary of those places. If they do not have the proper ASE or ATRA (American Automobile Association or Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association) certifications on display then those mechanics cannot be trusted. Proper technicians are trained and do not hesitate to display those certifications for customers to see.

Make sure that transmission services are guaranteed at the shop. You do not want to commit to a mechanic and have your car serviced by the place for other reasons only to discover that they do not offer transmission repairs. Stranded on the side of the road without a shop that offers transmission services sometimes forces people to do a search of the area to find a place quickly. With no other options people will typically go for the cheapest and possibly worst place that does a poor repair job. Or they choose a place that isn’t cheap in price but the work done still lacks quality. With the research done beforehand you can ensure that whatever transmission shop you choose will offer quality service at a reasonable price with long-term results and are spared from being cheated by inexperienced personnel and mechanics.

Save Money

When researching car transmission repair shops most you will find that most of them will put out discount deals and coupons on various medias. Check your local paper for coupons or promotional events advertised by your transmission repair shops because even a ten to twenty percent discount can go a long way towards helping you to save money. Once you have decided on a shop ask the technicians about where they will be getting their parts and the amount of time it takes to make the repairs. Cheap parts and heavy labor costs can put a dent in helping you stay within a certain maintenance budget if you are so inclined. Sometimes cheaper parts mean that they will not last as long and you will find yourself back at the transmission repair shop far sooner than you anticipated. Getting a step by step explanation on how the repairs will be made can help you to determine whether or not you are being charged for extra and unnecessary labor.

Free Offers

Some places offer free services like estimates, towing, and roadside diagnosis in addition to other services. Look for these services when trying to decide on a transmission repair shop.

Being a smart consumer means making an informed decision on the best quality service at the most reasonable price. So when looking for a transmission mechanic, do your research before you have problems, find discounts, and accept free services.

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