5 Benefits of Transmission Rebuild

When it comes down to any type of transmission service, the worst part of it comes when you only have two choices: rebuild or replace. While replacing is the lesser of both evils because it is a quicker service, it is the most expensive of the two since it would involve you buying a newer, remanufactured transmission.

If time is not a virtue, you can always opt into having the transmission rebuilt. Here are 5 benefits of getting your transmission rebuilt rather than replacing it altogether.

  1. Cost effective. Purchasing a new or remanufactured transmission can cost over in the thousands of dollars. Thinking financially, we can find the perfect fit for your budget to allow a less stressful repair for your car. Also, the price for the service would be less since there would have to be no worry of aligning the transmission gain and adding to your hourly price.
  2. Replacing the defective. Only defective parts would be swapped out when rebuilding a transmission. Keeping the transmission in the same spot allows for the alignment of the casing and certain gears to remain the same. This can be time efficient as it leaves for less things to be touched.
  3. Most of the parts remain as the original parts from the manufacturer. This keeps those parts of the system running as it was before the trouble began. Using most of the original parts is a good way to make sure that the original feel will continue, once the repair is complete.
  4. A deeper look. When you rebuild a transmission, the sole purpose is to get to the bottom of what is wrong with the transmission, internally. If you end up replacing the transmission altogether, you may run into the risk of it being a bad transmission that can fail within time. Although it does not happen often, it is will a risk. Also, with a professional putting in work to a transmission, the warranty a shop can offer is more efficient with time as they would repair the car in their garage. Buying a new or rebuilt transmission can mean that the manufacturer would be responsible for the transmission rather than the shop themselves. So would you wait for them to take it off, send it off, and have to wait for a new transmission? Time’s a wasting!
  5. And finally, new gaskets! I know, it only seems more exciting to a mechanic or a car enthusiast to get new gaskets. But ideally, it is the best thing to get replaced at the same time to giver the transmission a lot more longevity as well. New gaskets are usually the best way to prevent from leaky transmissions. Also, the gasket could have been the cause of the problem in the first place. Replacing your transmission could have been avoided had they taken it apart completely.

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