5 Signs for a Truck Transmission Repair

The power force of a truck is one that cannot be matched. It is easy to intimidate others with the size and power that you possess at your fingertips. Maintaining that truck is a challenging task, but if you want to prevent losing your all-important mode of transportation, then here are 5 Signs Your Truck Needs Transmission Repair.

  1. Check Engine Light. When your check engine light comes on, you shouldn’t panic. It is obvious that the engine needs to be serviced, but the light is so vague that you will never know where in the car the service is needed. Bring it in for us to inspect and diagnose your vehicle. But if you decide not to, go on to the next step to figure out what else could be wrong.
  2. Fluid leaks. If you get out of your truck and it is not slammed to the ground, you should be able to tell that here is a darker, more recent liquid state spot on the ground. Those things can leave a mark. This is one of the things we can inspect when you bring it in to us. If you’re creating mucky oil pools under your truck, you should bring it in to get checked out. If not, you will dive right into the next tip.
  3. Delay in gears shifting. When you’re riding down the highway and your truck begins to make funny noises and not respond to your habits, the gears are giving you a definitely delay. Not only will your truck slow down, but it will become sluggish and even dive into the next tip.
  4. Gears slipping. When the gears begin to slip, like the delay in the shifting, it will begin to make some of the craziest noises. Humming, clunking, whining are the noises that you may hear. Before this begins to drive you crazy, bring it in so that we can tell you where the noise is coming from and what can be done. By this point, you should really have it in with us. But if you’re anything like me, you’re trying to keep it running for as long as you possibly can.
  5. Trouble shifting. Finally, your truck will not be able to shift. You will legitimately be stuck where you are, unless you are driving in which case your only other option is to pull over and let that mighty help from the tow truck guide you either home, or to us for a quick rundown of your options. Now you’ve gone and done it. You’re definitely going to need a repair.

If your truck is still moving and you can bring it in on your own accord, you still have a chance. Here at Transmission Problems Charlotte, we will be glad to look under the hood and run diagnostics for you to continue on your daily journeys. Our team of certified transmission mechanics is here to serve you and guarantee you a long lasting transmission. Come check us out!

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