5 Things to Know About Your Transmission

General knowledge involving your vehicle is something that would help you out as an individual. Knowing when to change your oil, when to rotate and balance your tires, when to check the electric current of a battery and if its alternator if producing enough juice. These are the most basic of information that should be common knowledge due to their being the most frequent victims of wear and tear.

Because a transmission can be the hardest part of the car to try to maintain, here are 5 things you should know about transmissions, to keep you well informed.

  1. Effects from driving conditions. Driving hazards appear out of nowhere. If a dog runs out in front of your car, the most frequent reaction is that you would avoid to hit the dog, right? That motion will cause you to jerk the wheel to either direction which can cause a jerk reaction to your CV Joints, or constant-velocity joints, which are connected to your transmission. Once you have done this, your transmission will never be the same. Be careful.
  2. Identifying a transmission problem. Hopefully, by the time your engine light comes on, your initial action is to take it to a shop. Have them run diagnostic testing and analyze what could be the potential issue that is hurting our car. Most shops will add this service as a “free addition” to your service IF you have them do anything to your car.
  3. Check your transmission fluid. Checking the fluid can lead for less of an error. Out of all of the fluid reservoirs in your engine bay, the transmission fluid definitely needs to be at the correct level. Also, finding out what type of fluid you need can be beneficial when you go buy it, or when your mechanic tries to stiff you through a “different” type of oil. Do your research.
  4. A suspected fluid leak. Fluid leaks can be common with cars. Generally speaking, the most a car should leak is if you have the air conditioning going and the unit would need to discard of the liquid build up. Allowing yourself the knowledge of the liquid that is flowing from your car to not be harmful to the car is essential.
  5. Avoid being ripped off. When you have better knowledge of what can be wrong with your car because you know what is inside, then you have less of a chance of being ripped off by a shop. Knowledge is the key when it comes to the service world. In the car service world, it is the most functional thing that will save you time, money, and frustrations.

Now take and use this knowledge wisely. Knowing these things about your transmission or transmissions in general can help prevent a disaster on your part and on the part of the mechanic. Here at Transmission Problems Charlotte, we can assist in that education. We will let you know what is going on with your transmission by printing out diagrams of your vehicle’s transmission for you to better understand. Come check us out!

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