Tips for Finding the Right Transmission Shop to Meet Your Needs


When looking for a transmission shop for your car, you will need to find something that is not just accessible in terms of the physical address, but it’s also about relationships. Some people tend not to think much about this until they actually need to get some work done for their cars. It is encouraged however that you should be able to find out for yourself the best place for your automobile. It will help you get easy access and resolution to your transmission problems.

Here are six tips for finding good transmission shops for your vehicle:

  1. Make sure their crew has acquired all the training and certifications.


For a transmission shop to be considered as the best in town, they should be able to hire mechanics that are well trained. Plus, points if the technicians of that particular shop are certified by ATRA or what is known as the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association.


Not only that the crew people are certified but also try to make sure that the shop has the license to operate. Some drivers would go for a non-certified shop just because they can save up some cash with regards to the fees but there is more legal safety and customer’s protection that can be answered should a visit to the transmission shop had not been a success.


  1. Recommendations are good.


This is one of the best ways to get a good mechanic and car hospital for your vehicle. It would be much nicer if the person you are asking recommendations from is a trusted person. You know they will never bring you down and would only refer to you the best car transmission service because they’ve already experienced it.


  1. Be careful of shops that charge too low a price.


Service charges and cost for transmission areas are almost close to each other if you look deeper in the markets. This just simply means they offer the standard price for a very technical work. However, if you see a shop that offers a noticeably low price, then be wary of it. There could be good chance for them to balloons their hidden charges before you leave with your vehicles. Be alert! Do not be scammed.


  1. Written Estimates


Do require a written estimate that the shop should be ready and are willing to provide. The list should be in details and broken down for your easy inventory. If there be any difference in the price check and see that it shouldn’t be too much. All the better if their estimate cost is what you actually are going to pay for. Also, make sure that before you leave their shop, check your car and see if the job order you requested is what has been exactly done the way you ordered it.


  1. Free towing and guaranteed service


Besides the satisfaction guaranteed service, try to see if the shop also offers free towing. Best if they could offer it free for up to 100 miles. As for the service, ask for a warranty, good shops offers a nationwide warranty in addition to their quality service. For more information on transmission repair, contact Twin Transmission today.

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