Transmission Rebuild

Preventing Common Transmission Problems in Charlotte

Although transmission problems are all too common in Charlotte, it is surprising that so few people really understand the signs that something is wrong. With a little bit of education, more people can learn the specific things to look for in detecting a problem with the transmission. With early detection, a major problem is often prevented.

Whether your vehicle has a small or large transmission-related issue, our mechanics at Twin Transmission are qualified to make repairs. For all transmission problems in Charlotte and the surrounding area, you will receive the best service and the most affordable price available by having us work on your vehicle.

Remember, prevention goes a long way when it comes to transmission problems in Charlotte, NC. By identifying a potential issue, you can get your vehicle to us, or we can tow it on your behalf so that a proper diagnosis and repair is made. By visiting us at Twin Transmission, there is a good chance that we can stop the problem from worsening and becoming more expensive to fix.

One of the best ways to identify a common problem is to look on the ground where you park your vehicle. In the event of a transmission leak, you would notice a small pool of dark fluid. If you see something like this, have our mechanics check your vehicle right away.

You should also have the transmission fluid changed on a regular basis. While automobile manufacturers suggest a schedule for this, you actually want the fluid changed more often. The reason is that when the fluid is changed, only 65% is drained. With a more frequent change, the fluid will always be clean. That way, your vehicle will run great and provide you with more years of enjoyment and service.

It is also important that you never try to move the gearshift into reverse or park when the vehicle is moving forward. By doing this, major damage can occur to the transmission. Typically, the gears will grind or the vehicle will lurch forward. At the same time, never force the gears to shift. Being in a hurry, some people will start shifting gears without having one foot on the brake. Again, this can cause serious damage to the transmission.

Remember, every vehicle, regardless of the year, make, or model, will develop a problem with the transmission at some point. By learning how to identify the signs of trouble, you have a huge advantage. This allows you to have your vehicle checked by our mechanics at Twin Transmission so that proper repairs can be made. For rebuilds, as well as fixes for other types of transmission problems in Charlotte, NC, you can always rely on Twin Transmission.

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