Transmission Repair

Some of the More Common Problems with a Transmission in Charlotte

Transmissions, regardless of the vehicle make and model, are very similar. That means when a problem arises, the solution often involves either a repaired transmission or rebuilt transmission. However, the best course of action will depend on several factors, which is why you should have your vehicle checked at Twin Transmission in Charlotte, NC.

Specific to a rebuilt transmission, there are certain problems that seem to develop more often than others. By understanding what these are, you have the opportunity to have your vehicle repaired before the problem turns into something major.

Leaking transmission fluid is commonly associated with a rebuilt transmission. Although there could be a number of causes, a worn valve is usually checked first. If you notice that your transmission fluid is leaking, rather than wait, you need to bring your vehicle to us at Twin Transmission as quickly as possible. That way, we can fix the problem and have you on the road in no time.

Slipping gears is also something seen with a rebuilt transmission. When this happens, the gear will completely slip while driving the vehicle. Not only does this make driving a real challenge, it can be quite dangerous. Again, one of our highly trained mechanics can look at your vehicle to identify the problem and cause, followed by making an appropriate recommendation for repair.

Sometimes, a transmission problem will cause a vehicle to stutter or jerk upon takeoff. For some reason, many people will continue driving, not realizing that damage to the transmission is being done. If you notice your vehicle doing this, it signifies that there is not enough power going to the wheels. To avoid being in an accident, this is something that should be checked immediately.

Among the many different transmission problems in Charlotte, NC, one that seems to scare everyone has to do with an illuminated check engine light. Immediately, you think of the worst-case scenario, but this light may indicate something minor. However, because there is no way to know the type and severity of issue without having it checked, we would love the opportunity to conduct diagnostic testing on your vehicle.

You might also find that even when the wheels of your vehicle are turned, the vehicle itself will not turn. As imagined, this problem makes both driving and parking nearly impossible. When this occurs, you can have one of our mechanics check out the vehicle to identify the problem.

Regardless of the year, make, or model of vehicle that you drive, if you suspect that something is wrong with the transmission or you simply need the fluid changed, please visit us at Twin Transmission. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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