Troubleshooting Major Issues in Your Transmission

Trying to figure out what is wrong with your vehicle can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Narrowing it down to a specific area will help you better figure out what is causing the issue. If you find you think you are having transmission issues, there are a few things you can pay special attention to in order to figure out exactly what the issue is. To an untrained person, all transmission issues may seem the same. However, there is a new language that people in the automotive businesses use. By looking for clues from sounds and sensations, you will better understand and explain what exactly is causing the problem.

Low fluid

This is the most common, yet simplest issue that arises. Low or no fluid can cause all the major issues that can occur in a transmission. Your transmission is not like any other part of your vehicle. It does not use or burn up the fluid. Therefore, if you find your transmission is low on fluid there is an underlying issue, such as a leak or overheating. Good, healthy transmission fluid is reddish in color and semi sweet smelling. This fluid should also not have any type of particles in it. If it does then take it to a repair specialist as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Slipping gears

It goes without saying that or safety reasons you want your vehicle to perform correctly. Therefore, it is very dangerous if your transmission is slipping gears. It is obvious to tell when your transmission is slipping. You transmission is supposed to stay in the designated gear until shift manually by you or by a computer if you own an automatic. If your transmission is slipping it will suddenly go into neutral or into a different gear on its own. Leaving you unable to get out of harms way.

Grinding and shaking

A car is supposed to run smoothly without too much movement or noise. So if you find that your car is making grinding noises or has a shaking movement, then you know there is a server issue. Grinding is often tracked down to be caused by worn out gears or synchronizers. The grinding feeling can also be caused by the clutch needing to be adjusted. whichever way it is a major issue and needs to be taken to a repair specialist immediately.

These are just three major issues that can arise or may be happening now. The list could go on forever including lack of response, whining noises, refusing a gear, and even check engine lights can be caused by transmission issues. If you feel you have any of these issues going on or are unsure what is going on. Take your vehicle to a specialist as soon as possible to not only save the life of your car but your life as well. Transmission issues are dangerous and pose a threat to having a wreck while driving the vehicle on the roadways in summer and winter.

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