What to Do When Your Transmission Goes Out

Your car’s transmission has gone out, now what? This can be a costly problem that not many people are willing to deal with. However, it is vital that when these problems occur, you address them, because the life of your car depends on it. There is no need to stress; there are experts who deal with problems like these every day. Whether your situation calls for a transmission rebuild or transmission repair, the experts at Twin Transmission are here to help.

Signs of a transmission issues vary. A burning smell is one, this is a sign that your transmission is overheating and is in need of transmission fluid. The fluid keeps it cool and running properly, and is typically sweet smelling and reddish in color. This is fundamental to its functioning. If it is dark or smells burnt, that is not a good sign and it needs to be changed or added.

Another sign is slipping or clumsy gears. If this is happening, the transmission could be at fault. The gears should shift smoothly and quietly if they are working properly. Any clunking or whining could be the transmission, and continuing to drive in this condition only worsens the problem.

So the question is, what to do? The first step is to be absolutely sure that this is a transmission issue. There is a chance that it could be something less serious, and you could save yourself some money by diagnosing these things yourself before turning your car over to a professional. Proper maintenance is key.

If you are not a mechanic, your best bet is to take it in to a professional. There, your vehicle can be diagnosed and serviced safely and properly to prevent further damage. Depending on the severity of your situation, it will either need just a repair or an entire rebuild.

Remember, a faulty transmission can put you and your passengers in serious danger if it is not addressed. Getting these issues taken care of is vital not only to the life of your vehicle, but your own as well. Not to mention your pocketbook.

You can trust the experts at Twin Transmission for all of your transmission repair needs. They have a combined 30 years of experience and are always equipped for problems that come their way. For more information, email beth@twincharlotte.com or visit http://transmission-problems-charlotte-nc.com.

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